Whistleblower System

Report an event

Choose how you would like to make the report

Confidential Report

You can make a confidential report with your contact information. In this case, your identity will only be known to those who handle your report confidentially. Your identity will be treated anonymously towards other parties involved in the case handling.

Your identity will not be disclosed to others within the organization without your consent. Your consent to openness about your identity will only be asked for if it is required for internal case handling.

If you use the reporting system confidentially, your case and you will be registered, so that you can document any protection claim under the reporting law from the first contact.

It is always recommended to use the option of confidential reporting, as it provides the best possible case handling and ensures you the best possible protection.

Anonymous Report

You can choose an anonymous report if you do not want to reveal your identity to parties involved in the process.

In the case of an anonymous report, it may be difficult for you to later rely on protection under the whistleblower legislation.

If you choose an anonymous report, please make sure you don't leave any electronic traces in this process. Don't use this system from a PC provided by your employer or from such a mobile phone. If you follow these guidelines, you will achieve the best possible protection as an anonymous whistleblower. If you accidentally transmit data that identifies you, we will handle it confidentially.

We recommend that you use the confidential reporting option, as it provides you with the best possible protection.
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